Meet my mini muffins

Everybody, meet my mini muffins.

I reached home yesterday around 6 and asked my husband if he would mind waiting awhile as I wanted to make some muffins to bring over to his parents’. He told me to go ahead, so I happily went on to try and bake mini orange muffins with sugar glaze.

Gila kan? Dah la had only an hour plus of time to spare. Nak try recipe baru pulak tuh. Furthermore I’ve never made mini muffins hence I had no idea how they were supposed to turn out, LOL!

Anyway, complete with office attire, I dived into the kitchen, took out the ingredients and utensils, and started my express muffin making adventure.

As usual, butter, flour and sugar mixing was done by hand. It was a tad bit difficult as I had to cream the butter and sugar together, but had no time to let the butter soften. Macam nak terkehel my shoulder socket. So, while I went around preparing other ingridients, I put the butter on top of the electric thermal pot (alaaa, cerek air panas tuh, yang bleh pump atas dia when we want hot water tuh, apa nama dia?) and let the heat from it soften the butter for as much as it can. Still, since I was in a rush for time, it wasn’t able to soften that much.

On top of that, this time around I had to zest oranges! Wuuhuu! Zesting oranges can be quite a funny experience, especially after you’ve grated off all the zest, they look like little bald… well.. I’ll let you finish that sentence 😀

After mixing everything up, globbed the batter into the mini little muffin pans (so cute!) and popped it into the oven. Meanwhile I mixed the sugar with some orange juice to make the glaze.

me, baking in office attire, fuh!

see the little fluffies rise?

Once the muffins were done, I just drizzled the sugary liquid over the muffins and voila!! My mini orange muffins were done!!

ok, so this batch is a lil’ bit too brown, but they’re happy all the same 😀
Great success with this one as well 😀 My husband loved it, so did my parents and every one else at my in-laws’! Wheee!!! My mom-in-law and brother-in-law says it tastes kind of like Basboosa (a traditional Arabic sweet). I thought that there might be leftovers (since I made quite a batch) and was thinking of bringing it to work BUT it was wiped clean by the end of the night. Yaaayyy!! I’m so happy it turned out alright!! Rupa dia takde la hebat sangat, but it tasted better than it looked lah, heheheh…

So here’s to my third successful baking adventure!! *clap*clap*clap*


  1. [ hanie ] : no problem at all babe, so happy to share 🙂yaya : you know i’ll do it!! hahahahha!!!dzuriah : awww thanks babe, i try my best 😀

  2. CHOR!!!! now u’re good at baking!!!!! woo hoo!!!!! u know who u should stuff all ur muffins at?? our aunties. yessss. u know what i mean. in ur face aunties! hehehe! (cheer cheer lompat lompat) waaaa i wanna try some of those mini muffins too. they look so cute! another result from pioneerwoman? pioneer kan? or was it bionic?

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