My makan-makan weekend

Hellowww my doodlers!!

First and foremost, I would like to wish my father-in-law a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May Allah bless you with long life, great health, more wealth and trains of beautiful grandchildren!! 😀

So anyway, I’m back from my Melaka! We reached my uncle’s place in Masjid Tanah around 6 something at later that night, we were treated to an extremely sedap dinner complete with Mak Lang’s specialty gulai lemak tempoyak pucuk ubi *drool* AND sweet & sour crab. My husband memang la makan tak ingat dunia. Orang lain dah habis makan dia dok makan lagi, hahahahhahah!! Oh and healthy eating memang down the drain la kan, hahahaha!!

Earlier that evening, I took him around the old house, showing him areas where my cousins and I used to play when were younger. Such fond memories. So much has happened since our younger years, and sad to say, things will never be the same again. After the great makan session, we all just chilled and chit chatted while the husband became absorbed with my cousin’s new PSP.

We left around nine something, reached my grandma’s house at around ten, dashed in, changed into our BH uniforms (my father-in-law’s family t-shirt) and went off to the husband’s Melaka family barbeque.

A funny incident happened when we reached the house at Dato Palembang. My husband’s cousins were getting a kick out of keeping us ouside the gate. Mind you, ni semua bapak-bapak budak yang tengah seronok mengembalikan zaman kanak-kanak ribena mereka. While lighting up fire-crackers, they were mocking the husband who was faking climbing the gate while yelling at them to let us in. At one point, just as the gate was opened, one of his cousins (tak tau la bapak budak yang mana satu) lit a fire-cracker and threw it towards our direction. My husband was oblivious to this but I saw an orange burning round thingy fly straight towards me and THANK YOU ALLAH for giving me great reflexes that night!! I ducked just in time to see it narrowly miss my head. Now if I hadn’t seen the burning fire-cracker fly at me, it would have definitely got caught in my hair and set it on fire. Talk about a warm welcome.

Ok, definitely wasn’t very funny at that moment but I decided to shrug it of, silently say my thanks to God and pretend it never happened. No one apologized anyway. So I supposed it’s all one big joke to them for later that night, the very same bunch was laughing about how I ducked out of the burning orb’s way. Ha ha ha. It’s all fun and games until someone’s eye gets poked out (or someone’s hair gets set on fire).

After overcoming the initial shock, I went around shaking hands with everyone and happily went on to chit chat with some of his cousins that I am more familiar with. The husband has some of the most prettiest cousins I tell you. Best part is, they’re even married with a few children and they hardly look it. They’re really gorgeous and their kids, simply adorable. I’m especially smitten with this little cutey called Hamzah! I think he’s only about 1 or 2 years old but he’s so extremely comel!!! Too bad I didn’t manage to take any pictures, was a bit caught up mingling, hehehhe..

Ate more on Sunday at my Opah’s house (asam pedas Opah is da bomb!), then off for more makan at my Atok’s house, then later that night, makan at my Mak Long’s house. Sunday was makan day. The husband literally makan sampai pengsan, hahahahah! OH yes! Also, I found out that one of my cousins is pregnant! Yay for her! Bertuah punye orang, senyap-senyaaapp jek tak bagitau any of us the good news.

So today, we’re all back at the office, and later tonight I’ll be going to my in-laws. Not quite sure what the plan is but I believe there will be a little celebration in conjunction with my father-in-law’s birthday. I thought of going home a bit early to try and make some mini muffins to bring over (chewahhh!! Semangat nih!!!) but not quite sure if I can make it on time. Oh well, there’s always next time 😀


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