Cinnamon muffins galore!

I woke up one fine morning and suddenly had the urge to make muffins. Mind you, as mentioned in previous post, I’ve never made anything. So the huge step was making my “shapeless” cake. Now suddenly I felt that I want to make muffins.

So what did I do? I carefully tiptoed out of the room so as not to wake the sleeping husband, grabbed the laptop, and parked myself in the kitchen. Browsed around and found an easy muffin recipe and got down to baking business! *grin*

I took out all the ingredients needed (but forgot to take pictures!) and started dumping them as per the recipe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the whipper to my mom’s electric mixer, so I had to do all the whipping and mixing manually. Goodness gracious, ada jugak cam nak tercabut tangan mixing the batter.

Finally after making whirling motions with my hand for about 10 minutes, the batter looked just about right, and so I put globs of them in the muffin tray, stuffed the tray into the oven and watched in awe as they rised in their fluffy glory.

Twenty minutes later, the muffins are ready and as I started to plonk them onto a platter my dear husband came into the kitchen flaring his nostrils “Bau ape nihh?!?!? Sedapnyeeee!!!”

Hahahah, needless to say, he was more than happy to help me dunk the muffins into melted butter and cheerfully bathed the butter-soaked muffins with cinnamon and sugar. Which was great because I was starting to feel really sticky so that gave me time to have a long awaited shower.

the husband dunking the muffins in butter

When I was done with my shower, the darling husband was also done with the dunking and sugar-showering of the muffins. He then took his very first bite of my very first batch of cinnamon sugar muffins and gave it two thumbs up. Yay!!

So my second baking adventure was a success!! Wheeee!!

me with my first ever batch of muffins


  1. Twiggy,I know we are both having the same illness now… Sudden urge for baking!! Kekeke…. I have been spending quite a lot on buying ingredients lately!! But i don’t have your big oven, therefore baking cakes is a bit hard for me. I only have a miserable small cheap oven which makes baking a nightmare and very hard to control the temperature.

  2. d*d : hik hik, bila aku buat lagi nanti aku hantor kat ngko k? ๐Ÿ˜€missy f : tenkiu tenkiu!dayang : thanks for that babe!! bila i dah lebih berani nanti i try la the lauk-pauk recipes pulak, hehehehehroyal : thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€ tengah semangat nih! hahahahaazee : kalau sempat nanti one day i upload k ๐Ÿ˜€dillot : hehehehe… ko ni kan… nanti bila aku buat lagi aku hantor kat ngko ngan aliaasnt : itu la! kemaruk habis! ๐Ÿ˜€ but still not enough confidence to try the heavy stuffnad : hikhik, takde la sehebat cinnabon.. tapi boleh telan aa.. hehehtwo_one : *hugs*

  3. those look good! Somebody dah kemaruk bakin now. Soon she’l become a foodie. Let me know when you’ve decided to ok? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. weeehoooo.. ok, ko tau kan aku supportive.. tapi ko gosok gigi dak before baked those muffins?!so, bila nak kasik rasa?bwahahaha…

  5. babe, i would like to share this webpg wif u..lots of recipe there! speakin.. i’ve been more encouraged when look others may cook as well..hehe.. (sambil tu, curi ht si dia) =Pnway, gud try babe!2-thumbs up! =)

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