My first ever baking escapade!

You got that right, first ever! I was not kidding when I said that I’ve never made anything, or baked anything (by myself with no help from anyone) ever.

Owh, and of course, what would my kitchen adventure be without an accident right? My friend Shah knows that very well as the first thing he asked me when I told him I made cake was “takde accidents?”. Heheheh… Yeah.. err.. I banged my head on the super heavy oven door (don’t ask how) and felt dizzy for about ten seconds before I managed to see straight again. But that was the only accident that occured, everything went on fine after that, Alhamdulillah!

So anyway, here’s a walkthrough on my chocolate cake baking adventure!

First and foremost, meet the ingredients 😀

I lined them up and double checked just to ensure that I had everything I needed to make my very first cake.

Then I took out the pots and pans needed for the baking.

After which, I breathed in deep, Bismillahirahmanirahim, and started to follow the recipe. I didn’t have it printed out so I just propped the laptop in the kitchen instead.

First I dumped in the flour and sugar.

Then I stirred in the chocolate and butter mixture together with the flour and stir stir stir to combine.

wuuu, check out the whirring effect

Then I put it in the tray and popped it into the oven.

Meanwhile, I went back to the stove and made the chocolate sauce.

After they’re both done, I just poured the sauce on top of the yummy warm cake and it’s good to serve!

my first scoop of my very own cake

Unfortunately, I think I get zero points for presentation. It doesn’t really look that appetizing but it tastes quite alright 😀

As I was home alone, I didn’t have anyone to try out my cake. So I packed it into a tupperware and drove to my in-laws’ and grabbed the first person I saw, ahhahahaha. My sister in-law was the victim.

I happily told her how it was my first ever baking escapade and it’s my first ever cake blablabla while cutting her a slice. Before taking a bite, she was like “tak sakit perut ke ni…”


But Alhamdulillah, she found it to be good cake, and so did the rest of the family when they tried it out, yaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

Many compliments came, and that certainly boosted my confidence to try out other stuff in the kitchen.

But the compliment of all compliments came from my father in-law who said “Even my father (arwah) would have liked it”.

Waahhh… memang terharu gila lah. Thank you waled! Hhehehhehe… terus semangat ahh buat cake. The day before raya, I made another two trays of cake. One to serve people for raya at the inlaws’, and another for my friends and to save for mom and dad when they get home.

Alhamdulillah, the latest batch of cakes turned out fine too. So that’s that on my first ever baking experience! 😀

On to the next baking adventure!!!


  1. hey there..i’m a baking freak n i always like to ask and share recipes with others.. ur chocolate sauce look soo yummayh!! may i know d ingredients for dat?? hope u won’t mind at all…

  2. mieza : *hins*hins* lol!!nad : boleeyy ajaaa.. err.. takde double boiler nad, pakai periuk biasa jekcazzy : yes i can! hikhik! wahh.. i qualify for adult content, woohoo!

  3. and so you can bake!! I love cooking and baking too, but not very good at it! Hehehe….About the ‘Adult Content’ post on cat porn, i discovered that you r married and so you pass and may read the whole post! Hehehehe, kidding….Anyways, hope you bake more and more pictures to show! Take care!

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