Bye-bye adiiikkk

Tomorrow, my sister is going to fly off to the UK to further her studies. Wuuuu… sedeynye. Tulis satu line nih pun dah nangis-nangis.

At the same time I’m extremely excited for her!! Best wooo, dapat study obersea.. heheheheh. You get to see other people’s country, go jalan-jalan like nobody’s business, shopping for stuff that you can’t find in Malaysia… hahahah… pastu on full scholarship summore!! Pandai adik aku tuh. Very proud of her.

Dah berminggu-minggu dia dok pack, unpack, pack, unpack. Sumbat sumbat sumbat, God knows how much her bags weigh now.

Without my sister around, boring lah hidupku ini. Takde geng nak merossip tentang the family issues, plus no one for me to get stupid with, or go crazy over cartoons with or to layan my screamy screamy karenah at home. Takde teman nak gieh shopping and get brute honest truth about the stuff I pick out *sigh*

Takpelah adik, you’ll be back in 3 years time (and hopefully some times in between the 3 years), and hopefully I’d be able to save up enough in time to visit you there 😀

Also hopefully, you’ll come back to a cute little niece or nephew to play around with, heheheh..

Will miss you A LOTTT!!!

Lots of love,


  1. mrs amie : itu laa… *sniffle*mieza : memang empty pun.. oh well.. a new adventure for her la kan? 🙂aliaa : thanks for the little note there babes 🙂mrs-bride : u pon 25? *high five* heheheheh.. thanks, akan coba bergumbira

  2. Yaya, if you’re reading this, I hope you have a good flight there and find it to be a great place to spend your next 3 years. Make lots of friends and enjoy yourself by trying and learning new things everyday. All the best with your new adventure!Aliaa

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