Special appearance by… Hans Isaac!

I’ve been having funny weird dreams this past week. What makes it even funnier is that Hans Isaac seems to keep popping up making cameo appearances in them. Most of the time I wake up vaguely remembering what I dreamt about but I seem to remember these two rather well.

Funny dream 1 :
I’m in the middle of a game show, like some sort of treasure hunt and my team is on the losing end. As in we’re seriously ketinggalan. We keep messing up the clues and going towards the wrong directions. At one of the checkpoints was a challenge and I was the one who had to take it up. Halfway through it (I can’t recall what the challenge was) the person manning the challenge started to tell me that I’m doing it all wrong, tak ikut instructions blablabla… and guess who it was.. yeap, Hans Isaac. Pastu tak ingat dah mimpi tu.

Funny dream 2 (pagi tadi nih) :
I was walking back to my office (which looked nothing like my office) with my cousin when we passed by a guy and a girl chatting with each other. My cousin who seemed to know the guy nonchalantly threw a hello and he said hello back.
While in mid step, my cousin said to the guy : Hah, dengar kata nak kawen. Jangan lupa ajak.
Guy replied : Ha ah, belum terlepas lagi.
And the guy was.. yeap.. Hans Isaac.
Then we continued on our ways, and I woke up in time for sahur.

Why does he keep making special appearances in my dreams? I think I’ve been passing by that huge Nescafe billboard once too many.


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