Honest to God my office is freezing cold. The freezing temperature feels even worse this bulan puasa combined with the hunger pangs. The cold goes all the way to the bone I tell ya.

See, the way the office is designed is a little … different. Instead of on top (on the ceiling), the aircond comes from the floor. Yeap, that’s right, the aircond ducts are right beneath your feet. Unfortunately for me, where I sit is where one of the bigger aircond ducts are! Super cold at full blast, if I were to wear a skirt, I’d be doing the Marilyn pose every day. I tried to duct tape the ducts shut, but the cold somehow still manage to creep through.

So, what is a walking skeleton to do? I dress myself up like it’s winter.

Yes. I’m serious.

When I reach my little cubicle, I put on my fluffy boots, and my furry sweater and that’s how I dress for the rest of the day. Unless of course a meeting comes up then I have to change into my professional looking coat.

These are my fluffy boots.

And this is part of my furry sweater.

Just a while ago, I was at one of the manager’s place, helping him out with his presentation slides. All of the sudden the CEO walked by, did a double take and came to take a look at me.

“Are you THAT cold?”

“Err…heheh…yes I am..”

“Goodness me, you’re all set for winter!”

“It’s the hunger that’s making it worse”

“Yes, well, it is rather cold”

I was done with whatever I was doing, so I excused myself and walked towards my cubicle. Then I heard him exclaim behind me “And furry boots too!!” which he continued with laughs.

Oh well, at least this is one way for me to get work done. Otherwise it’s shiver shiver all the way from clock in to clock out! LOL!


  1. haha i thought im the only one with the aussie thick jacket..(im wearing it now in d ofis), u lagi la..mcm org eskimo hehehlantak p la org nak pakai jaket corporate or some blazers to keep themselves warm..pakai jaket camni lagi syok kan

  2. conan : kalau boleh nak bawak bantal ngan tilam sekali, hahahahmun : hikhik!lmk : yeah, i’ll forever be remembered as the girl-with-furry-bootsmrs-amie : serious sejuk!!lady g : lol, thanks!snt : lucky you!aida : hahahha, sejuk wokeeyyy!! ahahahaha!!

  3. I used to have that problem and wore winter jackets but minus the furry boots! Its also true tht its worst during fasting mth. Thank god i dont work anymore. heheh.

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