Hanky panky

OK I KNOW it’s bulan puasa and all that but I felt that this deserves a post, hahahah!

Now take a look at the picture below. Seems like a normal picture of a building, right? Wrong!

Someone decided to zoom in on this picture and see what they discovered!

Can you see yet?
Let’s get closer…

… and closer!

See people THIS is why you should never have sex at work, you never know when there’s a camera around! Hhahahahaha!


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  2. lama dah image ni, I ada post dekat one of my blog.Adsense team sound bg warning kalu, kalau tak remove akan di ban akaun adsense.Dengan cargas terus buang haha..twiggy,notty yer puasa2 nihheppp epppp

  3. I received this a few years back but i think its fake. I mean, wht are the chances tht somebody carrying a camera with a high powered lenses happen to walk there and decide to focus on that building and there happened to be this couple having sex? In a broad daylight. Facing outside some more. Just my 2c lah. 😉

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