New look!

Hello helloooo!!!

Check it out guys! My blog has undergone a make over and this is the blog’s new look! What do you think?

I got pretty tired of looking at my old blog template that I decided to spruce it up a little, give it a bit more colour. So now it’s more cheerful and I’m happy, yay!

Unforunately, I didn’t back up my previous template properly, so I’ve lost the links on Those Who Scribbled on the Doodles 🙁 To those of you who were previously linked here, please be so kind as to leave a little comment on this post so I can put you back on the link mmkay?

Thanks y’all!!


  1. eh babes r u linking pumkin coz i always used to see her stuff from your website now i cant find it. in fact i know of her website thanks to the white bag post u did! ps: i posted sthign on the kongsi blog u shd go see the comments u have to scroll down coz the guys posted utube stuff.

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