Hosting your webby plans

Everyone seems to have their own space online nowadays. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, or a page on facebook, but almost every person I know has their itty bitty little space online where they get to express their views, show off their talents, post up pictures, buy and sell stuff and all sorts of other things.

Most of us small inhabitants of the world wide web, whether we’d like to admit it or not, are a bit obsessed with the number of people that drop by our page. We just love to see that spike in readership but more often than not, it’s only by chance that on that particular day, we write about something that’s hot on the net. Also, it’s only by chance that people googled up the right keywords and our page happen to be listed on the first page of the Google search results. People land on your page, read the stuff you wrote, and move on. They tend to forget what blogspot or wordpress they went to in the first place.

Perhaps having your very own domain name would have a stickier effect on the readers’ memory? Well, a lot of people out there seem to think so, hence them getting their own domain names with various web hosting services that are available out there. If you’re one of those who feel they’d benefit much from having your own domain name, check out Web Hosting Rating, they have a rating system on web hosts and it would definitely help you compare and pick out which web hosting service would be most beneficial to you.

Also, they’ve got some good articles that can help guide you on what you should, should not, could or could not do when dealing with things related to getting a web hosting service. For example, when getting your own domain name, you might want to think about securing several domain names just in case your readers misspell your website address. Hey, it’s bound to happen.

The best example would be Google. One day, a friend of mine wanted to open the page of her favourite search engine. Without realising, she typed in instead of without an S. Hahhahaha… try typing that in and see where you land.

So anyway, if you’re thinking of getting a web hosting service, go check out its ratings first at WebHostingRating. Would definitely help you plan your best next steps.

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