I’m baaaaaaaaaaackkk!!

And you people didn’t even know I was gone, hahahahahah!

I was in Kuching, Sarawak for the past couple of days and I must say that Kuching is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Went there to celebrate our friends’ wedding, the beautiful Posh n Becks in our little group of friends, hahahaha…

We weren’t in time to attend the actual wedding (as we had a relative’s wedding to attend to on the very same day theirs was held, but we went over to join them for family dinner and all that jazz.

Best part was, the husband and I got to have a little tour around Kuching, visiting the Sarawak Cultural Village, watch the cultural shows, naik sampan, try out local delicacies (mi sapi best gila) and also do a smidgen of shopping! OK… maybe A LOT of shopping, ahhahahahha but it couldn’t be helped! Stuff there was just too good to resist! I mostly spent my ka-ching on silly little souvenirs which when I got home, saw that I went a bit overboard 😀

I bought those beaded pen covers (22 of them to be exact *gasp*), bamboo pens, t-shirts, 6 kek lapis Sarawak (I even bought one in WATERMELON flavour!!), 10 boxes of tebaloi (I think it’s called biskut sagun in our laymen terms), letter openers, a bunch of key chains, and last but not least 2 fresh ikan terubuk and 6 ikan terubuk masin!!! Addition as mentioned by the husband : one shirt, one pair of pants, two belts and one kilo of udang kering 😀


Hey I could have ended up with more stuff ok!! Nasib baik ada self control, LOL! In my defense, most of the stuff I bought are souvenirs to give away, so.. takpela kan?

The only slight down moment on our trip was that our flights were delayed by a couple of hours. I mentioned flightS because both our flights to and from Kuching was delayed. So typical of Air Asia.

Will update this post to include pictures later on as I seem to have misplaced my camera cable.



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