Perkahwinan Malique (Too Phat) dan Melissa Maureen

Year 2008 is certainly a year of weddings if you ask me.

Some time earlier this year, I received wonderful news that Melissa Maureen will be tying the knot with none other than Malique of Too Phat. However, I was told to keep the news to myself as they didn’t want to cause much of a fuss in the media over their private affair. Thus, I kept silent. Unfortunately, not many people out there knew how to keep secrets, so the news that they were getting married leaked out anyway.

Somehow, they managed to keep their wedding location under wraps and on 8th August 2008, Malique and Melissa were happily joined as husband and wife. Their wedding was held on the beautiful island of Bali with only close friends and family present to witness the ceremony.

Below are some pictures of their wedding courtesy of ohbulan.

Congratulations Malique and Melissa.

May you be blessed with everlasting happiness and trains of adorable children!


  1. hi twiggy.. i have been your silence reader and been linking ur blog to mine ever since..tq 4 all de update on our entertainment industries.. just lovesss it..

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