Whisper whisper whisper

What’s with the whispers you say?

Well, it’s because I’ve lost my voice. It sure seems that I’ve been getting sick quite often lately doesn’t it? Sigh.

Well this time, at least it’s well worth it, hehehehe… Here’s what happened…

A couple of days back, my office held a team building session at Guoman, Port Dickson and it was absolutely awesome! We did all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities. The indoor stuff was your usual getting to know each other and group dividing activities. We were divided into three groups, and from that moment on, you can feel the aura of competitiveness fill up the hall.

Chelup, me and Capt. Cash enjoying a bite in between sessions.

Activities outside the hall was totally challenging for most of us aircond-adapted office slugs. We were taken to a SWAT camp, where there what waited us were highrope activities complete with swinging tyres and flying foxes.

Honestly I was greatly intimidated at first, and the first challenge I did, well, I think I took a whole 10 minutes to complete, holding back the entire group. After I conquered my fear on that one, everything else was like a piece of cake.

Later in the evening came the kayaking activity and after years and years of not rowing, I jumped into the kayak and rowed my heart out!! Memang best!!

The next day was just as exciting, we had a paintball match (i got shot once, and managed to shoot an opponent out as well, achievement!!!), archery, and theeeennn… we had to build a raft out of kayu buluh and ropes with our bare hands!! err… it’s bamboo in English, right? Unfortunately, I think the whole building-a-raft activity was what caused me to fall sick. We were running a bit off course in terms of time, and so the organizers just went ahead anyway with the programme. So when time came for us to build the raft, it was 12 in the afternoon. So you can just imagine the heat. Building rafts, at 12 to 1 in midnoon, on a tarred road. Why tarred road? Because that was where they told us to build our raft, and then we were supposed to carry it to the sea about 20 metres away. Unfortunately, because of low-tide, we did not get the chance to try out our rafts. A bit of a bummer, but good fun all the same.

So as an outcome of a wonderful team building experience and the whole lot of fun under the super hot sun, I have lost my voice. Completely. Whenever I try to talk, I barely manage an audible whisper and if I try to force my voice out, I sound like a mating goose. Hahhahahhhaah!! OK, think donkey. Anyway, I’ve tried drinking air asam jawa (tamarind juice) but it doesn’t seem to work much.

To add to that, I’m now also coughing quite badly. Pity the husband, he hasn’t been getting much sleep with his wife coughing the night away. Thanks for waking up every few hours to check on me love, you’re the best.

Aaaannndd!! that’s not all. My hacking and gacking cough has also somehow managed to cause my eyes to be infected. Apparently it’s the phlegm at fault here (any doctors out there care to explain?).

Today’s Tuesday, and I’m still sick. The doctor has told me to stay at home for I’m in the “highly contagious” mode. I might infect the whole office.


I hope I’ll get better soon.

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