Fasha Sandha and the Prince of Johor

What is it with this girl that everyone seems to be crazy about? Me, definitely NOT a big fan. Every time her name is mentioned, all I can think about is her high pitchy squeaky voice (which has gained her the nickname Fasha Sendat) and here favourite one liner in that KL Drift movie “ey! kau sial la!”.

So when news came out that she’s hooked up with a royalty (especially one who looks like a promising future King), I felt like knocking my head on the wall. I mean, COME ON! You’ve got to be kidding me right? A dashing debonair royalty who’s travelled the world and met so many people of all height and stature wants Fasha as his queen??? I just refuse to believe this piece of rumour that’s going around.

Here are some magazine articles and reports on the supposed royal affair between her and the Johor prince.

Here are some pictures and articles on the dashing young prince, for those of you who had no idea he existed. Why is it that I think so highly of this young royal? Well it’s because he went for military training and the Indian Military Academy (a well renowned academy) and was never treated special (every bit the commoner), yet he took it all in stride and went on to complete his training.

However, words on the street has it that the prince is already in a relationship with someone else. A very pretty young socialite by the name of Raline. I don’t know much about her except for the fact that she’s absolutely beautiful.

Now… what do you think… would the young prince leave her…

for her?

Well, we’ll never know but Fasha, if you really were involved with a royalty, you should try to keep it under wraps (mak dia pun cam sama naik je kecoh).
Fasha in the palace?
I shudder at the thought.


  1. wahhh.. i thot the same too! n yeahh.. Missy Fasha always remind me of her squeky & pitchy voice! euwww! sakit telinga.. takleh aa tgk dia nak berlakon jadik tomboy or ganaz bagai.. cam lembik jer! huhuhu..anyway, wutever laa asalkan bahagia sudahh.. 😛

  2. Fasha just have to paris-hiltoning herself by saying “I’m just hot”.You guys are just not as hot as her. Maybe not even close.The Tengku Muda is NOt that hot anyway, to me a guy is a guy.

  3. yes, i totally agree with twiggy abt maknye yg kecoh lebih. fasha tu kinda perasan skit kan..?? and that raline is far more gorgeous than she is. i think there is no jelousy here, tapi mmg pun fasha tak layak masuk istana.

  4. Anon : itula.. cam… rilek aa mak cik, kan?Anon : hahahaha.. glad you enjoy reading!Missy Farah : Raline hot gila kan??? Boy meets girl : you do have a point there… but FASHA?? hahahah.. i wonder how the palace feels about it

  5. mak dia i rasa cam begitu pipi tersorong-sorong nak bagi anak kawen anak raja.sungguh macam cerita zaman dolu2.bluerghhh…pls la, sungguh malu saye membace nya. tapi takper,so long takdak picca of them both together,mungkin hanya gossip2 perasan. hihihi =P

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