Me + Kitchen = Disaster

For those of you who do not know, here’s a little fact about me.


I can’t. I don’t know how to. I’m miserable at it and whenever I try my pathetic hand at cooking I’d either mess up the whole kitchen (not to forget the dishes I’m trying to make) or end up injuring myself.

And here’s another thing I’m terrible at. Pouring water. Yes, that’s right. Pouring water. Whenever I try to pour water it would somehow always land outside the glass. *sigh*

Here’s an example of a simple kitchen task gone wrong. I was alone at home and thought of making myself a hot mug of tea. So with a mug in hand, I trotted off to the hot water dispenser. My right hand held the mug, while my left hand pressed the “pour” button.

Suddenly, a cat jumped outside the kitchen door, knocking down a pail and startled me. So in the midst of pouring hot water, I turned towards the sound, my left hand still on the pour button but my right hand is now in place of the mug.

Needless to say my right hand was scalded red and was throbbing in pain within seconds. I put it under running cold water from the tap and after a minute of my mind racing to think how to treat myself, I remembered a bottle of aloevera gel upstairs and rushed to glob it onto my hand.
Check out this picture of my hand full of aloe.

Yes, that’s aloevera gel on my hand. No, not slime, not mucus, ALOEVERA GEL.

Anyway, later my husband wrapped my hand nicely so that I wouldn’t injure myself somemore (“laaa… camane boleh jadi camni??”). It looked really funny but hurt real bad so I went around the house pretending to be some rockstar wannabe to take my mind off the throbbing feeling.

So, as I was saying, me and the kitchen simply do not go together.

Does that make me less of a wife than I’m supposed to be? I don’t think so. Apart from the kitchen duties, I’d like to think that I can do everything else pretty well so hey, and besides, it’s a learning process 🙂 I’m allowed my trials and errors.


  1. Hi…Im a silent reader.. Alamak kesiannya…wow sure pedih giler.Anyway nanti dah baik skit the scars tue try sapu bio oil.I tried my self nampak ok. The skin back to normal. Anyway hati2 dkt dapur. Blajar slow2. Safety 1st

  2. hi,cian u, tapi air tak panas sangat kan hehe. Bandage tu macam over plak Nampak sangat tak biasa kat dapur ni, camana pun kena belajar slow2 ok. Nak amik ati suami ni dari dapur lah. Memang lah dia ckp tak kisah, sekarang 2 3 thn lagi heheanyway, take care of your self and get well soonlankapo

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