Happy birthday love!

Yesterday was my darling husband’s birthday!!! I SO wanted to put up a post to wish him many happy returns of the day but unfortunately was a bit caught up with stuff that I didn’t manage to scribble a post. So here’s a slightly belated on wishing my dearest a very happy birthday!

On Sunday, my in-laws threw him a little party to celebrate his birthday. Here he is cutting one of the three birthday cakes that was brought to the party!

Yes, you read it right, THREE cakes! To be fair, the party also celebrated the birthday of an uncle, so I guess that justifies the 3 big cakes 😀

Later that night, the moment the clock struck midnight, I sang a solo of the all-time favourite Happy Birhtday song and gave him his presents!

Wallets (from me and my sister), half a dozen pairs of socks (that would be from me, hehehe) and a leather briefcase (courtesy of his loving mom and dad in law a.k.a my parents) made the husband a very happy 25 year old! *grin*

Yesterday night, I took him out for his birthday dinner. He specifically requested for a chinese dinner so me being me, I was ever more than willing to make plans 🙂 Unfortunately KL was suffering from the traffic jam virus (stupid people with their stupid rally plans menyusahkan hidup semua orang due to their selfish reasons of holding rallies), hence I could not take him to any restaurants in KL. So I took him to China Treasures at SDCC! Lucky for us it’s just behind TTDI so no problems with traffic and the food was great!! Not to mention that the venue holds fond memories of our wedding.. hehehe..
Anyway, among the many dishes we had was some seafood soup served in a whole pumpkin, not bad ey?

So all in all, I’d like to think that my husband’s first birthday as a married man went well. I sure hope he’s as happy as I am about his birthday, lol!

To the love of my life, many happy returns, may all your dreams and wishes come true…

Hugs and kisses,
Your wife


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