Back on the road…

Picture taken on recent trip to Perlis.

I’m baaaacckkk!!

Yes I have recovered from my nasty flu and also have just gotten back from Lumut, Perak.
It’s a nice place, but not much to do, and the most adventure me and my colleagues had was our search for dinner (where we somehow ended up entering the Royal Malaysian Navy grounds) and the evening attemp at going cycling (which had to be cancelled because the bicycles were not well maintained, it wasn’t us, we were as fit as fiddles).

Heheheh.. needless to say, it was good fun all the same.

Now I’m back home, nursing my husband who’s caught the flu bug from me. Poor thing.

However, as the title says of this post states, I will be back on the road the whole of next week. This time, it’s off to Kuantan, Pahang for more fun and games at schools! And the best part is, the husband’s coming along with me 🙂


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