Sesat story of the year

Semalam, laki aku sesat. Tak cukup dengan dia sesat, dia heret aku sesat sekali dengan dia.

Here’s what happened. We were invited to a friend’s first baby’s first birthday party. We reached her housing area safely but had some trouble locating the house. So we called and asked for directions.
Directions given as follows :
Go straaaiiigghhtt, pastu nanti you will see a nursery by the roadside. Our house is directly next to the nursery.

Sesat number one.
We went straaaiiigghhhtt, and the husband exclaimed “Ha tu nursery!!” and immediately took a left turn. No house next to nursery but big TNB building instead. He rambled on saying that he’s pretty sure there’s a house next to the nursery that he saw, he just doesn’t know how to get there. I said, where’s the nursery? He said, there, the one with the see saws, didn’t you see?

I called for directions once again.

My friend said, “eh laaaaaaa…bukan nursery budak-budaaakkk…nursery pokoookkk!!”

On top of that, we were supposed to be on the opposite side of the road. So we took a U-turn (one of many that we took) and continue on to go as per directed previously.

Sesat number two.
We passed by a bungalow with LOTS of potted plants and the husband immediately pulled to the side of the road into park. “Ha sayang!! Nursery pokok!! Sebelah ni la rumah Eza!!”
Doubtfully, I got out og the car, peered at the bungalow with the potted plants and said,” Yang.. I think this is someone’s house…”
“Tak yang, kan banyak pokok ni, dia kan kata rumah dia sebelah nursery pokok! Sebelah ni la rumah dia!”

So I grabbed the birthday present, and we stood in front of the opened gate of the house next to the potted-plant bungalow. It was quite empty, certainly didn’t look like there was a kid’s party going on there.

A couple of heads popped out and a lady came to the gate.

“Cari siapa?”

“Err… ini.. rumah Eza?”

“Eh, bukan..”

“Sebelah tu.. bukan nursery pokok?”

“Eh adik, itu rumah orang, nursery pokok bawaaah sana lagi”

Sumpah malu gila ok. Nak mati ketawa pun ada jugak! In the end we finally managed to find the house, and had a splendid time celebrating a one year old’s birthday. Heheheh… truly an adventure indeed.


  1. heloooo =)been a silent reader for awhile but i cant help laughin..this post is so cute n funny and i think its about time i say hi.Hope u dun mind if i wanna link ur blog to mine.farah =)

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