My new handphone!!!!

Yesterday, I woke up with full excitement! I was going to get a new handphone!! Woohooo!!! The oh-so-hensem-dan-sangat-macho husband has agreed to get me a new one so off we went to the handphone fair in Cheras. We didn’t know the way to the handphone fair venue, thank God my office colleague (Mr. Stylo) was kind enough to go along with us. Sanggup tuh dia drive all the way dari KLCC untuk menunjuk jalan and bersama-sama pergi handphone hunting (terima kaseh daun keladi)!

A huge crowd was already there way earlier than us, but it was still bearable. We walked around for a few hours, browsing different brands and phone models. LG was really pushing their handphones into the market as almost every booth sold LG models. Other than that, there were your usual Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung (which was having a buy one get one free promotion), and also the local i-Mobile brand. i-Mobile was going crazy with their promotions as well, selling handphones for as low as RM99!! But it’s just your basic sms and call phone, not with camera or other techy specs. Another brand that caught my attention was the eTouch. It’s a Korean brand and what’s so interesting about it was that it comes with a TV aereal. Yes, ladies and gentlemen you read correctly, TELEVISION!!! Which means, all you crazy football fans can watch your favourite game anytime, anywhere! (as long as there’s reception lah). But no, ASTRO cannot get (in the words of the salesgirl).

Finally, I narrowed my choice to two Sony Ericsson models and after MUCH contemplation (to the annoyance of the husband and Mr. Stylo, hehehe), I settled on the K770i 😀 and baby, what an awesome phone it is!!
Woot!! It’s simply marvelous! The functions the sound the look the EVERYTHING!! I would highly recommend this phone to everybody!!

Look look!

UUuUUuUUUuuu…. picture of my new handphone taken with my new handphone..ahahahaha! Sunggoh gediks but ailaik!

Thanks love!! I sangat suka my phone!!

After purchasing the phone, I suddenly remembered that one of my best friends recently got herself a SonyEricsson as well. A quick conversation later confirmed that we now have the exact same phone! HAAAHAHAHAHA… oh well!

So now that I have a new handphone to compliment my new life, I believe it is now the time to close the splurging chapter. Cukuplah setakat ini before the husband starts to kira his bulu kaki. It’s time to save for other important things in life 🙂
Hikhik… I can imagine my other half rolling his eyes in a “iyo lah tu” mode while reading this BUT I will try my best to adhere to this new resolution!

For the future!! Chayuk chayuk!!


  1. babes !!! SE’s are the best brand and of course u need a powerful camera phone to post pics on your blog for your fans like moi ! which phone did hubby and friend wanted u to have ?

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