A happy happy day!!!

Yesterday was a great day! We carried out two more sessions of the kids’ programme but this time to 700 kids!! It was craaaayyyzzeeee!!!

By the end of the sessions, almost all of us could walk properly. It felt like our kneecaps were about to fall off, hahahaha! We had great fun all the same, the kids were participative and the teachers, highly supportive. I think the school we went to yesterday was the most supportive school so far. Kudos to SK Kota Damansara (2), you guys rock!

What made it even more interesting for me was that a few of the kids came up to me and said “Akak, nak autograph boleh tak?”

I’m like, haaaA? Otograf?? Amende adik nih?? HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

God knows why they asked for my autograph, with their cheeky smiles ngan gaya gedik hulur-hulur notebook diorang, mintak suruh sign. Boys, hahahahah.. I think they were about 10 years old or something. I didn’t know how to react, so sambil gelak-gelak cam nak pengsan, I gave them a quick signature (as I was in a rush) and the three boys ran off with beaming faces. Kelakar gila, diorang ingat aku nih artis ke hape?

So that was the interesting part during the first half of my day.

Later, I got a call from the husband. With a very cheerful voice, he informed me that he has received the black and white of his job transfer! As of June, he is officially a MAGISTRATE in KL!! WOOHOOOOO!!! Congratulations love!! *big hug* I’m so proud of you 🙂

So, like I said, yesterday was a happy happy day, yaaaaaaaayyyyy!!

Looking forward to many more happy days to come, hikhik!


  1. haah same thing happen to me when i did the bakti siswa thing at a kampung in perak mintak autograph all !!!! heehehe just enjoy the moment. congrtas to hubby where was he working b4 ?

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