My birthday cuppycakes

Still on my birthday!! Hhahahaha!!! Why not right? I mean it’s not every year that you turn 25!

Here’s one of my best gifts, given to me by my sister. CUPCAKES!!

Twenty-five teeny weeny oh-so-adorable with bright girly colours and cute-like-crazy cupcakes!!! Seriously, they’re not your average sized cupcakes, they’re tiny!!
Look at it’s size on my palm (take not that I have small hands, so go figure)

I couldn’t bring myself to eat them at first, neither can the rest of the family. But in the end we did, and they were deeeelicious! Absolutely yummy! Just one pop into your mouth and it’s gone. Hehehhe…

Thanks adik, for the cupcakes, they’re the best!

Apart from the cupcakes, I got an uber cute handbag from my darling husband. Reeeaaally cute ok! I was squealing the first time I saw it, hahahahahha! It’s an orange clutch with a bow on the side 😀 love love love! (and also bought me a pair of new jeans…I accidentally sprayed superglue on my previous favourite pair..hehehe)

My parents gave me a new watch from Juicy Couture, reeaaaallly nice! Then they took me out to a birthday dinner at a nearby hotel (also to celebrate Mother’s Day). My boss gave a a fancy photo frame which I plan to put my wedding photo in to decorate the room with. My super-metro-stylo colleague bought me a new purse and another got me a Starbucks tumbler..ehheheh…

Oh yes! My in-laws threw a little birthday dinner for me, with cake and mom in law made LAMBCHOP!! yeaarrgghh!! It was absolutely scrumptious I tell you! Memang makan sampai nak pengsan! Hahahhaa…best gila.

SO all in all, it was a great birthday, thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, it means a lot 🙂



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