Jalan jalaaannnn

I’ve just realized that I’ve been doing a LOT of travelling ever since I got married. It used to be that I would complain all the time that I hardly go anywhere with my friends blablablabla.. but then BOOM! Kawen aje, terus jalan non stop!

Let’s see, right after the wedding I went to Sabah for my honeymoon, remind me to post up pictures later. Then came back from the honey moon, started work and went to Malacca for one of the programmes. Then that weekend, went to Malacca again to visit a cousin who was ill. Then the next day, went to Pangkor (for work, not holiday). Then tomorrow, and going to Ipoh, cousin’s wedding. Fuh!!

Non-stop I tell ya. Yesterday was labour day and I think the plan was that I was supposed to go to Singapore with the in-laws. Sebaik tak jadi, I actually had time to clean up my room which was left almost untouched ever since the day after the wedding. There were still clothes left in my huge red luggage bag and every day I’d fish something out to wear. I was practically living out of the bag!!

But all is well now, have done some revamp and unpacking so yaaaayyyy 😀 My room now looks more like a bedroom than a storeroom, ahahhaahhahah!

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