Kids @ work

Have I ever told you how much I loved my job?
I guess a million times over, but I really really do. For the past two days I was away in Malacca, running our kids’ programme at a couple of schools there. It was awesome. Tiring and challenging but a whole lot of fun all the same.

What is it exactly that we do? Well this project I’m involved in is actually a financial literacy programme for kids. None of the boring lecture stuff but good wholesome fun where the youngsters get to run around, let themselves go a little bit crazy with added competitive edge while learning how to manage and save their money at the most elementary level.

One of the funny parts of carrying out the programme is when the kids try to figure out what to call you. I’ve been called Cikgu (teacher, most common), Kakak, Cik, Puan, tapi yang paling tak boleh terima is MAKCIK. Makcik dia panggil aku?? Hahahahahaha…

Next week we’ll be holding another fun filled session of our programme for about 150 kids in Pangkor. Can’t wait to see how that goes.. meanwhile.. the planning and packing begins for the Pangkor trip!


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