Robbed by Rempits at One Utama!!

BE CAREFUL….especially GALS!

I want to share this story with all of you and I hope you will inform all our other neighbours as well.

Today while having lunch at Mark’s Assam Laksa Restaurant in One U, I was informed by the owner’s daughter that she was just robbed by MAT REMPITs while stopping at the traffic lights in front of One Utama (old wing) coming in from the Taman Tun traffic lights at about 12.30 pm. 3 motorbiker Mat Rempits surrounded her car from out of nowhere and just smashed the two front windows since there were only two young ladies in the car and demanded for money. They put a knife at her throat!!!!!! They managed to get her handbag despite her friend trying to fight off the bikers on the other side of the car. 2 more Mat Rempits on 2 bikes were waiting a little further back, just in case. Their friends who were stuck at the traffic light to cross from Taman Tun to One Utama, rushed across beating the red lights when they saw the 5 motorbikes with bikers surrounding the girls’ car. Upon seeing the car coming towards them, the 5 bikes with the riders sped off towards Centrepoint and disappeared into the kampong, and towards Damansara Utama. Luckily nothing happened to the young ladies in the car. The Rempits were gone in a jiffy, and when reporting to the police, she was informed that it was the 4th case in the month. My goodness what is happening to our area, apparently the Mat Rempits are closing in into Bandar Utama after finishing their rounds in another part of KL or Selangor and the police don’t seem to be able to do anything except take statements and saying ” Biasalah, next time jaga2 sikit and don’t keluar malam2″

On another day, also around the same time ie 12..30 pm , her brother was behind another car that stopped in front of the KBU College traffic light near B 8, and saw about 30 Mat Rempits surrounding the car in front of him and dragging the motorist out and beating him up because he put up a struggle. The mat rempits then sped off after getting what they wanted. The man had a gash at the back of his head.

I think M14, cases like this should be printed out and put into every mailbox especially for those who do not pay their dues for the security. The Mat rempits are aware that we have security so they are trying something else like robbing people at traffic lights and without warning. Please take care of yourselves and be always vigilant.

Sometimes it may be best to give them what they want rather than put up a fight cos we are all not Jacky Chans or Steven Seagals. Maybe we should ask the traffic police to put the orange light for the traffic lights after 11.30 pm so that we don’t have to wait unnecessarily for the lights to change to green and be subject to the possibility of Mat rempit attacks etc. After all, after 10.30pm it is already pretty quiet when the One Utama crowd is all gone cept for the movie goers.
This is really scary news and please take care everyone!!


  1. Well said, Twiggy. Ppl tend to simplify a complex subject like crime by putting the blame on a lot of things to suit their idea of an acceptable and satisfying explanation.

  2. you know guys, we really should stop blaming the government for everything. Monsters rob, rape and kill and you blame it on the government? That’s just wrong man… we should take a look into the mirror before we start pointing fingers 🙂 okay?cheers!

  3. It’s a concerted effort to undermine the new government by deliberately increase crime rates to punish voters who voted for the opposition and also to undermine the ability of the new Selangor opposition government to curb crime rates.Expect more systematically planned crimes, rapes, murders to create unrest/fear among the population. You have UMNO and Barisan Nasional to thank for dispatching the rempits to endanger your lives.

  4. Thanks for the warning. I’m a criminalist major, and it’ll be a great pleasure if someday I could have a hand busting their sorry little Rempit asses for the good of women and everyone else. It’s really infuriating how they’ve increased in number and insolence lately.

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