Uncle Jalil.. May Allah bless your soul

Two days ago, I was stuck in a long meeting when I received an sms. Mom informed me that Uncle Jalil had passed away early that morning.

Alarms started ringing in my head, thinking Oh..My..God.. what do you mean passed away?? He was alright just a few days ago!

It was only the week before that my dad was going to meetings with him and joking around about my wedding, telling him that he’d better take care of himself because my wedding is coming soon. Uncle Jalil assured dad not to worry.

He was one of dad’s good friends, even more so when he was in charge of my wedding. Dad fully entrusted him with everything. I guess that was what made dad break down at the news. Someone he was so close to, worked together with on countless projects and events, went to late meetings and early morning calls with, shared all the joy and excitement of his first daughter’s wedding with was now gone…

Hence why I didn’t pressure dad about the wedding. It would be highly insensitive for me to do so when dad was in mourning.

Then I found out that the night before he died, Uncle Jalil texted my dad telling him that his operation has been brought forward. He’s scheduled to go in for surgery the next day. “Don’t worry, Lina knows everything.” Dad called, tell him not to worry so much. “I’ll see you tomorrow”

But that never came to be.

At first I was quite in distress. Two reasons. One, dad lost his working partner and his mood has seemed to falter. Two, with no wedding planner, and dad in a glum mood, what’s happening to the reception?

But I’ve reminded myself to stop being selfish. The fiance said that we’ve done our best to plan and since we’re doing this all for Him, we should let Him be the maestro and all will be ok.

I’m going to Uncle Jalil’s tahlil tonite. I hope Aunty Lina will be alright. I hope my dad will be alright.



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