The learning curve

Went for ‘class’ today during lunchtime. Unfortunately this time around only sandwiches were served for lunch. I thought I was about to pass out from hunger. So I tried my best to concentrate on what our dear ‘lecturer’ was saying.

Apart from the hunger, I actually enjoy the class. It’s a marketing class that our CEO is holding for anyone interested and it sort of feels a bit like a “refresher” class for me plus learning a whole bunch of other new stuff. Reminds me of the times when I was back in university with my favourite lecturers pouring out wisdom in front of the class.

Anyway, not all training sessions I’ve joined are like lectures. Yeap, I’ve been part of quite a number of training courses like media planning courses, sales courses, presentation skills courses, time management courses and all that jazz. Back in my previous company, they made training courses more interesting, physical and fun. Forget about having to sit down and listen to a few people talk non-stop for a couple of hours. In their training sessions, sure there’d be a speaker, but you are the one who’d end up doing the presenting and the talking. There’d be lots of group activities that’ll make you rack your brain and also the ever-so-present challenge of getting passive group mates to participate.

Training sessions like those are a lot of fun to attend, and if you weren’t chosen to attend (due to limited places available), you’d definitely feel left out. Lucky for me, I was chosen to attend most of the training sessions they held. A little knowledge goes a long way, so I say you should never say no to an opportunity to learn.



  1. hhahahhahaha, ya betuuulll!!! time ni la yang PALING kena buat duit, hence the mooning activities bila sempat!thanks for d tag seweng!

  2. babe…i might be comin to ur wedding if im not shooting on that date. next week im goin to sign an 11 days contaract to shoot in JB…for an Italy movie. we’ll see how it goes. do reserve a spot for me. cheerios!

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