Répondez S’il Vous Plaît

Would you look at that.. less than a month before I am officially someone’s wife. Wuuuu… how do I feel? Heheheh… interesting question that one… I’m looking forward to it, for sure.

Things have already started to get very busy. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been busy becoming Mr. Postman’s assistant. Getting into my car and driving around, dropping off invitation cards at friends’ houses. I still feel awful that I won’t be able to invite as many friends as I would have liked to, but I guess that’s out of my control. Limited seats, what to do…

At least the delivering of cards are already out of the way, now what I have to do is wait for RSVPs… and that’s a bit of a worry. You see, Malaysian’s aren’t very good at all these RSVP thingies. People tend to forget (or ignore, I’m not sure) the fact that they’re supposed to reply to confirm their attendance.

Typical scenes in Malaysia :

1.People call to confirm their attendance, then they don’t turn up.
2.People don’t RSVP, but they turn up happily and expect a seat readily available.
3.People RSVP at the very last minute.
4.People RSVP wayyy beyond the given due date.

All of those causes unnecessary stress to the host and I sure hope that my friends would not fall into any of the above categories. So far so good. I’ve been receiving emails and sms messages from some guests already. So it’s a good sign. Fuh… breathe breathe.. I think the nuptial nerves are starting to get to me.


  1. hehe i know i rsv-peed(hahahahahha) the very moment the card got into my hands 😛yeah hope all goes well. i had probs with the rsvps back in my day.. im sure u’d be fine..and i cant waiiiitt!!! i know ur gonna look like a queen this coming saturday!!

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