Rock-a-Bye Me

So I’m in the midst of clearing out my room, and moving all my stuff into my new room, not to mention packing all my stuff bit by bit to move them over to my new home. Erk. I get tingles saying that. My new home. I’ve lived in this house (and this particular room) almost all my life that it always feels weird whenever I think that I’ll be moving out.

Anyway, all furniture is already here, new dressing table, new cupboard, and even the new bed. It’s really nice, me likey!

Previously when I was browsing around for the new bed, I surfed the net to get an idea of what sort of bed that I might like. One of the Divan Beds I fell for was this particular chateau bed.

Why? Well, look at it! It sort of has that majestic feel, don’t you think? It’s grand but not overdoing it (albeit being a bit huge in size, heheheh). With the beautifully carved details, this classical French styled bed really got me coming back to look at it more than once. I love white beds. It gives that serene feeling to your room and makes you feel like you’re stepping into a peaceful floating cloud of comfort, especially if your covers are fluffy white duvets.

If I could have any bed I wanted, without thinking of practicality and whether or not it would fit into my room, this would definitely be one of my top choices.

* imagining myself sleeping on a cloud *

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