Busybee me

Two whole days of training, FUHH!!! My brain feels like mush, hahahah. Been extremely busy, so busy that I didn’t even have time to chat with Shah on his first day at work! He seems to have adjusted well, with the lady colleagues giving him pointers and taking him around the office, so I believe he’s managed to find his feet very fast on his own.

With training on project management completed, all is set to go on at full throttle! I don’t think I’d be able to update as often as before (with work and wedding preperations at crucial stages). However, will try my best to keep you updated (for those who are interested).

I’m done with wedding gowns. I sat down with my designer yesterday afternoon and she took the trouble to pour out ideas and adjustments until I was happy, so yay! *ailebiu aunty*

Next new dilemma, wedding cards. The oh-so-smart printer was supposed to send them over on Monday but he called to say that his machine broke down, so he can only send them over after Chinese New Year. Yeah right, machine broke down konon. I bet he was already back in his hometown playing rounds of mahjong. Hopefully he’ll get them done by next week latest.

Hopefully my 18-month stint at the purple company has given me enough for crisis management skills that I can aplpy to my wedding!! Hahahahaahha

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