Specky me

I think it’s time I got my eyes checked and make myself a new pair of glasses. I’ve been staring at the computer too much and things are starting to look rather blurry at a certain distance. Feel a bit lazy to take a trip down to the opticians though, and it sure would be handy to know what my prescriptions are. Nowadays they sell almost everything online. You can even buy prescription glasses online! Check out this place called Zenni Optical.

Heck, Zenni Optical sell Rx Glasses $8 with case! Quite an excellent deal I must say. They even have various a wide selection of frames to choose from. Single vision lens, bi-focal lens, anti-scratching, UV-protecting, you name it, they’ve got it.

Hmm…I wonder which types would look good on me… The geeky-nerdy yet stylish black rimmed ones?

Or the ones with no rims?

Well, I think I’ll continue to surf around and see if there’s anything among the wide range there that catches my blurry eyes.

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