Something else for the mommies and daddies

The key parenting skill you need to develop when entertaining your new child is the ability to Distract. If they get bored, or scared, or cry for any reason,…misdirect their simple little minds elsewhere. For starters, show them something. Anything.

“Look, a fuzzy tiger.”

They will most likely stop crying and evaluate this new information.

“Hmmm, a tiger, I hadn’t realized that…”

“Yes, a tiger… look… see the tiger?…”

“Well, (sniffle) my stomach was hurting…”

“I know, I know…”

“But… a tiger, you say…”

“Yes, a tiger. Right here. Here is a tiger…”

It doesn’t even have to be as interesting as a tiger. Any physical item that is currently on the planet and within reach will do.

“Look, the cap to Daddy’s water bottle… see… plastic… and white… isn’t that something? And here are some keys.”

They’re willing to seriously consider whatever you have to offer.

quoted from Babyhood

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