Blowing the happy job-bubbles

Work is going on great. I’ve finished up a whole module for an upcoming programme for kids (colleague : oh my god, boleh buat buku sekolah!) and currently am in the midst of planning for the next programme’s module. January and February are ‘development’ months, as they call it. After that, it’s all systems go! Months that follow are when we start rolling out all the developed modules.

Apart from that, am also on the lookout for courses to enroll myself in. My manager somehow detects a hint of creative talent within me, hence she has decided that I should go for classes to enhance that shadow of talent (boss : list me all the courses that I can send you to pastu nanti tak payah out source dah!). Hahahahha!! Pressure!! But in a fun way. It’s great that I’m given the chance to actually add on new skills to my somewhat drying pool of talent.

Anyway, the company’s expanding in terms of manpower and they’re busily hunting around for people. The bosses came to me the other day asking if I could recommend any of my friends to join our growing family.

CEO : Do you happen to have any friends that I can steal away?

Me : Err..A bit tough Mr Z, most of my friends are already working.

CEO : Yes, that’s why I want to steal them *laughs*

Needless to say, I became the company’s mini HR unit after that. I love the place where I work so much that I didn’t mind one bit recommending friends to work with us.

Some of my friends have sent in their resumes, one has been interviewed, a couple more will be called to schedule their interviews next week and I’m hoping a few more that I’ve called will actually send over their resumes as well. Not that they’re in dire need of jobs or anything like that (I am quite blurry on their current occupational situation) but it’s just a great feeling to be able to share this opportunity with my friends. To be able to share with them that extra choice and option in spreading their wings if they want to, that’s what elates me most.

Good luck you guys 🙂 What ever that happens and which ever road you choose, I pray for your happiness and success!!

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