To baby, or not to baby

Recently, while having dinner with my mom, we started talking about my cousins who will be expecting additions to their families. The conversation led to how expensive it is nowadays to have children and that even though it is so blissful to have toddlers and babies running about, it also takes a lot of financial planning to ensure that they will be provided for comfortably. All that was followed with the following small talk.

Mom : You nanti tak payah lah anak ramai-ramai. Dua je cukup.

Me : Yeah ma, as if I can predict the future and tell you exactly how many kids I will have.

Mom : You plan lah! Kan boleh plan!

Me : Yes Ma, thank you for your suggestions but you can’t dictate how many kids I can or cannot have.

Mom : HISH.

hehehheeh… moms… *sigh*


  1. lankapo : nine siblings!! HUYOO!! ahahahahah… mesti meriah kan? And I’m sure your baby girl is an absolute angel.. 🙂

  2. I am the eldest from nine siblings.eight boys and only one girl, so can you imagine our growing experience like..sini gaduh, sana gaduh haha. SO yang sulong has to take care all my brothers and sister.Now I am married bless with one daughter. My wife is gov servant,nowadays people tend to have smaller families. Due to financial and quality.I planned to have three at least hehe. Twiggy, nowdays you can have all sort of family planning, from taking pills and injection to natural method hahahajust wait and see

  3. shila : it’s hormones i tell you!! HAHAHAHAH.. or rather.. mmumones.. AHHAHAHAAHdillot : TY-LALA!!! HAHAHAHAH!!omg, you have a nickname for yourself already!!! wahahhah.. nak muntah ketawa dah nih!!

  4. haaha..yeaahhh.. i come from a ‘2 sibling’ family myself! Although I must say life was far from boring, my sister and I we always have a blast. 2 pairs? awww..sweet!! Errr.. my fiance wants 11.. he wants to start his own football team, hahahahahahah

  5. hahaha…i’m a ‘2 siblings’ family,so life was/is quite ‘boring’. Unlike my uncles and aunties, they have like 3-7 ‘additionals’ in each of their family…best nyerrr…my girlfriend and i plan to have 4,ekeke…2 pairs;2 boys and 2 girls…what do you think?

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