Taking the HIV test

Wow..I haven’t put in an entry for 5 days! I blame it on bowling I tell you. I went for a few rounds of bowling the the fiance and friends, my right arm and left leg ached for 3 days after that. Itulah dia bila orang keding berangan nak main game pakai bola berat-berat.

Anywaaayyy, yes, the HIV test. It’s a required procedure here in certain states of Malaysia if you’re planning to get married. I had no idea how the test was going to be like. In my mind I had already envisioned that they were going to stick a huge needle into one of my veins and siphon a lot of blood from me.

So I took half a day off (Boss : Ha? Nak gi mana?? HIV test??), and after Friday prayers, the fiance and I were off to look for the clinic where we planned to take our test. For your information, for the marriage application process, you can’t just simply pop into any hospital or clinic to do the HIV test. It has to be one of the authorized government clinics.

I was already bracing myself for long queues, noisy and stuffy environment. We drove around Bangsar for a bit, looking for Klinik Kesihatan Pantai. After a number of U-turns and neck straining for directions, we found the rather shoddy looking building and went in to park. Surprisingly, the clinic was far from what I imagined it to be. Although it wasn’t your Putrajaya Hospital nor your Damansara Specialist Hospital, it was still clean, quiet, and the best part, no crowd!

So after we registered (RM1 for registration) and filled in the necessary forms, we proceeded to wait outside the doctor’s office. There was only one other couple before us who were taking the HIV test so we only had to wait for about 10 minutes before we were called in. The doctor asked us some procedural questions (doc : nama? nombor telefon? pekerjaan? masih bujang?) then asked us if we knew how a person could be infected by the HIV virus. After the initial chit chat, the doctor then went on with the HIV test.

She took out this small plastic strip, which is the Aids test kit. Then she pricked one of my fingers and squeezed a bit of blood onto the test kit.

After that she added a drop of testing fluid together with the droplet of blood.

Then we waited for the result. One bar means you’re clean of the virus. If two bars appear, then you’re in trouble mate.

Quite simple really, I believe if they sold these kits in the pharmacies, people who deal with situations where they’re exposed to the virus could easily test themselves when necessary. You can check out this site to find out more about the DIY Aids test kits.

Anyway, the whole test (including registration, waiting, chit chat with the doctor, taking test, etc) took roughly about an hour.

So yaayyy!! One more step closer to being married! I never knew there were so many documentation issues to deal with to get married. I wonder how those people who sneak around getting married with 3 or 4 wives get away with it so easily.

Oh, and to the curious few, the fiance and I are clean of course πŸ˜›


  1. whoaa… tough man.. asal kena bayar mahal sangat.. ish ish… lucky me huh? sian you all.. takpe.. nak kawen punye pasal kan lan? πŸ˜€ i’m sure it was all worth it!

  2. whoaa… tough man.. asal kena bayar mahal sangat.. ish ish… lucky me huh? sian you all.. takpe.. nak kawen punye pasal kan lan? πŸ˜€ i’m sure it was all worth it!

  3. senang lah kalau sama tempat. heheI kena pergi batu gajah perak nak buat test for my wife. Jauh gila dari Kampar perak. kena buat kat situ jugak. macam2pastu i plak buat dekat hospital putrajaya dah lah ken abayar rm 30 pastu tunggu separuh hari, aduii bad experience lah.

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