Greece tease

What comes to mind when someone mentions Greece to you? The first few things that pop into my head when I overheard colleagues talking about Greece earlier today was “ancient ruins”. Yeah..think white slabs of marble stone and naked stoney statues. Thinking harder I came to myths and war. Then I could only think of the olympics, hahahhha… shows how much I know about Greece huh? Can’t blame me, I bet people in Greece don’t even know that Malaysia exists.

Anyway, I decided to Google them up just for the sake of it. I even looked them up on Google map (learnt this little trick from a friend of mine who Googles EVERYTHING!). On Google map, i found this place in Greece called Mykonos(Chora). Ok, Chora is pronounced with a silent ‘C’ so it’s more like Hora. So I fiddled around with Google map somemore and even found that Mykonos hotels are labelled on the map! Handy ey?

Well if any of you would like to find out more about hotels in Mykonos, Greece, or even about Mykonos itself, you can check out the links I’ve put here. The page is very user-friendly and you can even get information on its nightlife, sightseeing and dining ventures 😀 This one goes out to all you travelbugs out there!! You should really travel to places where you can’t even pronounce it’s name!! More exciting and impressive that way, LOL!

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