New year new gear!!

OK the title is not so relevant. It sounds as if I just made full use of the last day of the Year End Sale and went on a wild shopping spree, hahahahha..
On the contrary, today is the 2nd of January 2008!! I have managed to not use my credit card for TWO WHOLE DAYS!! haaaaaaahahahahahhahahah!!! Now let’s see if I can last for two whole weeks, ey? 😀

So currently am going to try and survive on my ATM card only, just like the good old student days. Unfortunately, just one floor below me there’s an ATM machine, hence cash flow is only about fifty steps away. At least I will know that there’s a very strict limit here, hence will spend wisely instead of just swiping my way to eternal shopping happiness, ahhahaha!

You know, if banks wanted us to save money, they’d put their ATM machines in this particular way instead of places where it is easily accessible.

Some Arab bank in some Arab country

Can you spot the ATM machine?

There it is!!

Come on man!! Reach!

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