King or Queen?

A couple of days ago, the fiance and I went browsing for furniture. At the beds section, the following conversation occured between the Arab sales assistant and the fiance.

Salesguy : Brother, are you looking for a king-size bed?
Fiance : Err, we prefer the queen-size bed.
Salesguy : But why, brother? King is better!
Fiance : My future wife is very small. Too big a bed and I might not be able to find her.
Salesguy : Trust me brother, if you fight, you don’t want to (find her).

Hahhahaahah!!! Amendaaa la mamat tuh.. I wonder if he was speaking through experience.


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  2. hehehe…budu pny salesman…tda ethic lgsg!!! πŸ˜› beside i believe u’ll be locking urself up in the room,along with the comfy of the king-sized bed,when u and ur hubby gaduh…kekekeke…kasian kami ni,tdur jak la d couch!

  3. liz : congrats on getting yourself a new place with new bed and all! πŸ˜€ lovie : *grin*shah : itu la, funny rite the salesman? made me laugh alritex : run around the room also can maa..lolhaan : you know, that’s actually a good point. didn’t think of that before, thanks

  4. so did u end up getting a king or queen?another reason for getting king is, when your kid is born, there is enough space to put him/her in between both of u. i’ve no experience. but i heard from friend when they chose a bed πŸ™‚

  5. King! I want a king-sized bed! My single bed sucks πŸ™For you guys, queen cukup lah. You’re both so tiny!And that’s one funny salesman…

  6. Hubby n I have been married two years.. we bought this cheap mattress.. which is a queen sized.. but we dont hav a bed (rumah sewa.. so still tak beli bed).. just lay it on a rug.. so what happen was.. the tilam jadi besar.. like stretched to become a king sized. so now we’re buying a king sized bed n tilam for our new apartment.. coz when we’re at the kedai, we realised all this while, a queen would never fit 2 accomodate the two of us.. (u know our sizes.. nothing like u n adam. so kering la u guys. beli single mattress pon dah ok) haha.

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