Among life’s greatest lessons

Just as an update, after a rather awry Raya Haji morning, things went rather well from then on. Managed to settle most of the hantaran stuff, and also the fiance’s wedding outfit. Hence, all wedding outfits are now in progress at the tailors’! I even found my file of certificates, Alhamdulillah… mom somehow accidentally chucked them into some boxes in the store room without realizing what it was. No matter, I’m just happy to have my certs back safe and sound.

It’s the day before Christmas and even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I still feel the joy of a celebration coming on. That’s the beauty of being in Malaysia. You get to experience all sorts of celebrations from different ethnicity and religions without having to travel far. Same as last week, only a few people are walking around the office today as most of them have been on leave since last week.

Anyway, while I was driving back to the office from lunch, my thought floated back to the days when I was in my first year of university. The campus was about 2 hours drive away from home and almost every Friday evening or Saturday morning, my parents would come to pick me up so that I get to spend my weekend at home. Sometimes, I’d get a ride home with one of my best friends. Her dad would come pick us up and throughout the whole ride home, he’d talk to us about all sorts of stuff from how studies was getting along to how we should handle relationships.

Among the many random advice that he’s given us in many of the drives back home, two things have stuck in my mind, that I always use as a guideline in life.

1. Biar sakit di mata, jangan sakit di hati. is it in English? Let it be if it’s a sore to the eyes, as long as it doesn’t hurt the heart? Well, a close enough translation I guess. We were on the topic of relationships and he was telling us that it’s useless to find good-looking boyfriends, if they only end up hurting you. In finding a life partner, it doesn’t matter if your future other half doesn’t look like Tom Cruise, or is the slightly better looking version of Shrek. What’s important is that they love you and care for you deeply and will be there for you no matter what happens. As corny or cliche as it sounds, that’s one advice that I will pass on to my children. Sometimes, we’re too busy looking for an ideal looking person, that we forget that beauty fades…

2. Always show your intention!
Actually, this is something that’s got to do with driving. I don’t remember how this came about but if I am not mistaken, some car swerved into our lane, right in front of the car without even signalling. So dear Uncle Al launched into a righteous speech on how you should always ALWAYS use the signal. “You must show your intention!”, he said. Otherwise, how in the world would other people know what you’re thinking or planning? They’re not mind readers! To this day, I have put that little line into full use in my daily life.

Thanks Uncle Al, those two lines are absolute treasures. Anyway, just wanted to share these two pearls of wisdom with the rest of you. Take it as my Christmas present to all my blog readers..heheheh. Cheers!!


  1. eh..Shrek is actually not too bad looking if you ask me 😛 wukakakakakaThanks for the link..i have linked you already 😛Anyway, even though you dun celebrate Xmas, but I am just going to wish you merry Xmas anyway 😛

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