The shorty called Smorty

No guys, it’s not a new chick in town with a foreign name, it is however one more way you can rake in the moolah! Yeap yeap, Smorty is another mediator between the advertisers and the bloggers. Write a post on whatever it is they want to promote, and they’ll send over the buckaroos! It’s so easy, it’s even easier than tripping over your own shoe-laces! LOL, am I making sense here? Well, I’d rather make the cents!

Anyway, Smorty is free for all to join so you don’t have to worry about having to fork out anything to start. All you got to do is sign up, submit your blog address and once it’s approved, you can start booking the opportunities. Don’t fret about not having the skills to do some creative writing for the advertisers. If you have a blog, then you can be sure that you have the skills! So why not get paid for blogging since you’re blogging everyday anyway.

I’m serious people, you should give it a try. 10 minutes of writing and you are already on your way to making some serious dough. Now how can that hurt? I’m on the Smorty ride, you should get yourself on it too 😉


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