Lifelong service

There’s practically no one at the office today, almost everyone has gone off for their AidilAdha holidays, which leaves me blinking at the computer all alone. So I decided to explore the benefits given to us employees and landed on the insurance benefit page where I am supposed to be able to view the employee benefit package. Unfortunately, the page is undergoing some upgrading so all I can see is an error message. Bummer.

You know, I only discovered the beauty of insurance services when I was in university. All students were given a choice whether or not we wanted to go with the offered insurance. After weighing the insurance plans pros and cons, I decided to just go ahead with what they offered at the uni. Besides, it was a lot cheaper as compared to what others were offering outside and being a student then, we scrimp and pinch when deemed worthy and obviously to save money on insurance was one of those things.

Anyway, I had to go for some minor surgery during one of my studying years and thank God i signed up for the insurance package! The bill was obviously a huge sum and the insurance company took care of everything. Great service I tell ya. So from then on, I realized the importance of having insurance for you never know what can happen and when it’ll happen. Better safe than sorry, right? HHmmm… I do believe I should plan for family insurancesome time in the future…. oh well, will save that thought for later! Cheers!

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