New Year’s resolutions

It’s nearing the end of 2007. How quickly time flies. It seems like only just recently that I was having butterflies in my stomach, awaiting my engagement day and now, it’s only 3 months away to my wedding!! Goodness me!

Well, last year, I opted not to have any resolutions, for I never bothered to fulfill them anyway. This year though, I think I’ll list down a few, just for the fun of it. The babester shared with me her list of resolutions and I must say they’re quite good. By ‘good’ I mean ‘achievable’, hehehehhe…

So here goes mine :

1. Beat Yassif’s record in the paper plane game.
We have this digital paper plane game that we play after office hours. It’s ridiculously addictive and the high scores are almost impossible to beat but MY aim is to beat one friend’s record, and I’d be very happy already. I’m gonna give it all that I’ve got for the whole of next year!!!

2. Learn French.
I took the very basic level of French when I was in university. It’s a fun language to learn so I’m thinking of picking it up again. However, I have to wait till after the wedding. Need to have enough funds first! LOL.

3. Get rid of the credit card!!
Ok this is by far the worst plastic invention ever! Especially during the Year End Sale!! It’s left me broke I tell you, broke!! Err… but I am extremely happy with the stuff that I bought so it’s ok..heheheh…However, I have decided that this would be my last month of using the credit card. Starting 1st January 2008, all activities on the credit card will be down to ZERO! I survived without the credit card before so I should be able to survive without it now too 😀 I do however, need a debit card. We’ve got to keep the Paypal account alive now, don’t we..heheheh.. So next year, I aim to pay off whatever it is that’s owed on the credit card and be done with it!

4. Pick up a sport.
Any sport! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been involved in any sporting activity. I used to play tennis, go cycling, run tracks, roller-blade, swim and even bowl every once in a while (although I usually get tired after just 2 games..I’m stick thin ok?) What happened to all of that?? So next year, I want to start on at least one sport.

5. Be a good wife
Eeee…how corny does that sound? But yeah, I will after all be someone’s life partner, so I will try to be the best wifey I can be! Take note that I said I will try, I’m not perfect (I don’t cook) so God knows how I’m going to manage this… hahahaha… good luck to me!

I think that’s it. Five resolutions is A LOT already! Fuh! Maybe the list will be altered as All the best to all of us for a brand spanking new year!!

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