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A looong long time ago, whenever someone says “i’m in a meeting”, you immediately can picture a group of people, sitting together perhaps in a large conference room with those black leather chairs and the big boss sitting right in front delivering whatever it is in his agenda. Well, at least that’s how those local dramas portray meetings on tele.

It’s not like that anymore in this era of high technology. The group of you could be in seven different continents of the world and yet you can be in the same meeting. Ahh…the wonders of the internet.. or as a lecturer of mine used to say “thanks to the technology”, heheheh..

Furthermore, with those really smart IT people who keep on improving on ways we can connect with each other, having to gather everybody at one location for a meeting seems to be a thing of the past. The smart guns at LifeSize Communications Inc have come up with something called the LifeSize Video Conference System. They provide an affordable high definition video communications solution that allows the participants to feel as if they’re involved in a normal face-to-face conference using an existing broadband connection. So, you don’t have to worry about getting a different line just for your meetings.

Apart from that, they even have full featured products such as the LifeSize Room which allows up to six participants to connect in high definition. Video clips and other types of multimedia are able to be exchanged in clear high definition, allowing intricate details and creative ideas to be heard and seen. If you have your own business, or you’re simply into all these fancy schamncy stuff, you can check them out at the LifeSize Room and see for yourself.

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