Holiday schmoliday

It’s holiday season once again and everyone’s off to one location or another. Even the fiance’s gone for a family vacation. A hugely orgaanized one that is. How interesting it is to hear that they’ve got games and activities planned and everything. Coming from a family my size, obviously I’ve never seen anything like that so hearing about it was really entertaining.

Anyway, my sister’s been whining here and there asking when we’re going on a holiday. She wants to go on one last family holiday before I get married, and before she goes off on her final A-levels adventure. She has a point. Next year, it won’t just be me and her anymore. All so different. * sigh * That’s something I’ll miss terribly. Especially when she goes off studying in some other country. I don’t know who I’ll complain my worries to *crryyyyyy*

So surfing on for places to go and all that jazz, here’s a website that’ll definitely help make life easier if you’re planning a holiday abroad. They’re called Hotel Reservations and they’ll help you search for hotels, motels, flights even car rentals. Pretty cool huh? They’ve got awesome discounts too and quite a wide range of locations to choose from London to Honolulu. Heheheheh…interesting name Honolulu. Maybe some day I’ll get to go there. Nice to have a stamp in your passport that says Honolulu. Apparently if you book online. You get 70% off, very enticing.

Well, go check it out. Perhaps you’ll find a holiday destination there that you fancy. Cheers!

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