The Hilton havoc

Yesterday, went with the fiance and his family out for dinner at Hilton. It was the mom-in-law’s birthday which explains the fancy dinner. So off we went, the fiance’s brothers and sister along with the 4 little tykes (his nephews and niece).

Getting there, I forgot how I used to just LOVE Hilton’s buffet spread. This was back in the days when the ex-bosses used to take me there, and also when I’d go there with my own family. I felt extremely happy as we all sat at my favourite restaurant and was very eager to order. Unfortunately, this time around, I didn’t exactly have such an enjoyable experience.

No offence to the parents or anything, but having 4 kids running, climbing, yelling, screaming and talking like their vocal chords are stuck on maximum volume isn’t exactly the sort of dinner I’d like to have at a hotel. Hilton pulak tu. Aih…

We were there for about 3 hours, and within that time span there were arguments and apologies, scuffles and scratches, heads bumping into walls, water spilling onto the floor and two near-vomit-experiences. I lost my appetite after an hour of constant shushing at them. I dread to think what the other patrons were muttering under their breaths at the racket the kids were causing. I didn’t even have dessert. And I love their dessert.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the kids. They’re absolutely adorable and cute and cheeky and mischievous. However, I strongly believe they should get a better hold of table manners and figure out the difference between how they can behave at home, and how they should behave in public places. I mean, it’s fine if they wanted to get all screamy at a birthday party but not at Hilton (or any other hotel for that matter) where a large number or patrons bring their clients and special guests to.

Yes yes, some of you might hold strongly against me saying that it’s easy for me to say, I dont have a kid blablablabla. Hey, I was a kid too once and I’d give myself 8 out of 10 for good behaviour. My mom made sure that if I didn’t behave, I’d live to regret it, hahaha…

* sigh *

Mental note : when I have my own kids, leave them at home if they can’t behave


  1. i totally get you ! parents shd know where to bring kids and where not. shopping is nother place not to being kids. with the pram etc etc!!! too much ! i wld hv been annoyed. over here they have certain restaurants that allow kids. my paretns if they went out at night we had to stay at home even if were 10/10 behaved ! theres a place for everything. i wld have been equally annoyed + migraine.

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