Siti Nurhaliza’s latest fashion faux pas

Recently Siti Nurhaliza launched her new album Hadiah Daripada Hati. During the launch, she also mentioned about her pilgrimage. Perhaps that would explain her fashion-wear at the launch. Perhaps.

Here, have a look.

Here’s Datuk Siti, isn’t she lovely?

Here’s a little close-up. Fashionable headgear i must say. She manages to pull it off rather well, and her top is classy too.

Here she is with her darling husband, Datuk Misai

But wait…what is this?

Oh my god!! What’s with the baggy blue pants?? And the big black belt??

Somebody get her a professional stylist!!

*groan* She should ask her stepsons on their opinions of her dressing lah. Those boys are way more clued in than she is.


  1. v : on second thought..her headgear looks a lot like the decoration on my grandma’s tudung sajialiaa : oh dear god babes, if that is to happen, i have no idea what to say

  2. i seriously dont know what to say to the people who dress her !! WAKE uP ! btw the top the string to tie infront also too much. whats happening lerrrrr purple blue and some metalic shadeee

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