On seeing the naked Jolie

A couple of weeks back, I went to watch Beowulf with the fiance and two of my guy friends. Have any of you seen the movie? It’s not bad for a 3D animated movie.

We almost didn’t watch Beowulf though, because the two guys who were supposed to buy the tickets got turned off by the idea that it was a 3D movie. So while I was having dinner the day before the movie, I received this SMS :

Dude : Say, do you mind if we watch The Kingdom instead? It’s at 4.15pm.
Me : Yeah sure, no problem. Why? Did they run out of Beowulf tickets?
Dude : No, we reckon The Kingdom would be a better watch. Did you know that Beowulf was a 3D animation movie?
Me : Yes, but I thought you guys would be interested to see a naked 3D version of Angie Jolie.

Needless to say, we ended up watching Beowulf!

I did warn them however, that us being in Malaysia, they probably would have cut out the graphic nakedness scenes from the movie. As the movie started, it flashed on screen that the movie was rated PG-13. I thought to myself “Aww…too bad…the boys are going to be disappointed.”

However, I was so wrong. Halfway throught the movie, the movie delivered what it promised. There was Angie Jolie, in all her glory. I must say, she looks extremely HOT. Who cares if it’s only a 3D animation of her, she looked real enough! In fact, it’s so realistic that it has been reported that Jolie has banned her kids from watching the movie.

To the hopeful teens who want to see a very hot babe on the big screen IN MALAYSIA, Beowulf is the movie for you, LOL!


  1. hahahah…yeap..they showed Jolie alright, boobs butt and all! I have a picture of the Beowulf scene with Jolie in it, should I paste it up?

  2. they showed it?? Wow… i’m impressed… maybe when they heard that it was a 3D show they thought Finding Nemo? hahahah…Looks like the audience managed to find Nemo afterall!! HAHHAHAHAHCheers! And i still won’t watch!

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