The Kursus Kahwin

Over the weekend, the fiance and I attended the compulsory two day marriage course at Bangsar’s Zura Akademik. It was hyped to be the most interesting centre to enroll at, probably due to the number of celebrities who took their marriage course there. They banked on that as advertising too, pasting the pictures of the celebs almost EVERYWHERE. You had Ramlah Ram, AC Mizal, Imuda, a couple of Tun M’s children, Khairy Jamaluddin, Norman Hakim, Abby Abadi, Wan Norazlin, and a whole lot more.

I wouldn’t say that it was a complete waste of time, but it wasn’t exactly a lot of fun either. There were several speakers who were quite entertaining but for most of it, all I heard was blablablablabla..and towards the end I just saw their lips move and zoned out to whatever they were saying. Thank God I brought with me a book to read.

The girl next to me happily slept throughout three quarter of the course. At first I wondered how she managed to doze of on the uncomfortable metal chair with minimal cushion padding. Then I remembered that she’s a stewardess (I found out during our initial chat the first day) and obviously sleeping while sitting down would now be second nature to her.

One of the highlights of the course was the closing. Apart from all of the participants feeling extremely relieved that the course was coming to an end, they did a sketch of various scenes of the marriage process. They got several participants to volunteer to role play as parents of the bride and groom and the bride and groom as well. The most interesting part was the “nikah”. The volunteers were real sports. While the groom was reciting his vows, the two witnesses (saksi) listened on intently but after two tries they kept saying “tak sah!” which had the hall laughing because the groom was looking exasperated.

They then asked one of the witnesses “Kenapa tak sah Tuan Haji?”
He simply answered “Pitching lari”

The whole crowed erupted with laughter. It was hilarious! Absolutely great form of spontaneity!

After the sketch was over…everyone went home happily. I’m happy too! I survived the super-boring-droning kursus kahwin!! I’ve completed one of the many things to do in my process of getting married. Can’t believe how much trouble it is to just be legally wed. Gosh. So after this, comes the process of filling out forms and getting proper documentations and taking all the medical tests required. Hopefully all that will go smoothly as well.

Ohh.. forgot to mention that there was a point of drama on the first day of the kursus kahwin. Well it was drama for my brain and heart lah. I bumped into one of my bestfriends’ ex-boyfriend along with his new girlfriend, attending the same kursus kahwin!!! You have no idea how hard I bit my toungue and withheld myself from scratching his eyes out and pulling all the hair off the garce’s head. These were the two people who caused my bestfriend so much anguish and heartache and pain. C’est un vrai con!!! I was so angry at the sight of them that I felt my heart beating so loudly, my ears grew so cold and my jaw clenched so tight.
I didn’t know what or how to tell my bestfriend.
But in the end, I did, and hopefully she’s doing ok like she said she is.

While sitting there throughout the whole course, I thought to myself, oh well. It’s much better this way. My bestfriend’s way too good for this petit con. So he and the hair-swishing-putain absolutely deserve each other. Un putain-de-merde deserves un trou de cul.


  1. Hi bibi,When I went recently, it was rather packed but apparently this was due to the rumour that was going around that starting this year the kursus kahwin will be turned into a 5 day camp thingy. Hence a lot of people panicked and rushed to do their course. Zura’s officials told me that it usually isn’t as full as what my session was (we had about 70 girls and 70 guys, penuh!!). Even though, it wasn’t THAT uncomfortable as the air conditioning was good enough for comfort. Takdela macam ikan sardin if that’s what you’re worried about..hehehe…

  2. hi! i heard some say tht zura akademik is too pack with ppl sometimes and gets uncomfortable. Mind commenting on tht since uve been there and all?

  3. shila : anda tidak tahu betapa ku mahu menumbuk batang hidung kemek perempuan itewv : sorry dear!! my connection a bit slow so the facebook functions always got error!! how was your trip??

  4. dillot told me that! the bestfren-ex-boyfren thing with a girl and name shall not be mention. aku kerat kan aje kepale lelaki itu nanti. ehehe. (mari kawen) sambil nak mintak hadiah dari dillot. =P

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