Insurance assurance

Was cleaning up my room a bit this morning and stumbled upon some insurance documents that I should have filed away. Must remember to do that when I get home. Last month, my car insurance was due and obviously it was back to the piggybanks I went, scraping to find funds to renew my insurance.

In the end, in my sound bid to look for cheap car insurance, I switched services 😀 Byebye Allianze, hello Takaful.

I never knew it was such a hassle to renew your car insurance (and the road tax). Usually, my dad would renew it for me or the kind people at AAM would do the job. Unfortunately, I forgot to renew my AAM membership, and dad was busy. Which left me blur as a dingbat figuring out how to go about doing stuff. Thank God the fiance guided me through and his dad helped out in getting the renewal stuff all settled (that was after I searched high and low for all the documents needed to renew the car insurance). Then, I had to go collect my car grant (which I only then found out was not with me) at some dodgy placed bank in KL. Oh wait, it also then that I discovered that a car grant was actually ONE piece of paper. Sheesh. They made it sound SO big and important that I thought it would be a files of paper or something. Ok so maybe it is important, without it, I can’t renew my car road tax. *roll eyes*

I can’t imagine how getting a home insurance would be like. That’s another headache that I can put off for the time being.


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