Names of the weird and famous (or not so famous)

Guys, have you ever came across someone with a name so weird you had to do a double take and ask for their name again?

Currently my job involves me having to deal with seminar registrations and believe me, sometimes the names of people who register can really brighten my day! No I’m not trying to be mean but honestly, don’t their parents think of the implications and taunts that would follow their children for the rest of their lives when they gave them these weird weird names? As if going through adolescence is not bad enough.
Some few years back, the fiance worked part time at the immigration office and you can just imagine the names he came across!

If you don’t get what I mean by weird names, let me give you an example.
Tara Dikov.
If you don’t know why this is weird, I will not bother to explain any further.

Those Hollywood stars don’t make live any easier for their kids either.
Jason Lee (from My Name is Earl) named his kid Pilot Inspektor.

Anyway, take a look at the name of this place below and see if you can pronounce it in one breath.

Have you came across any names of people or places that are bizarre or just plain hilarious to you?


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