Here we go

So it starts. Wedding preparations have actually started to take off at a more significant speed.

Previously my family was still very relaxed about the whole thing with the constant “we’ve still got time” excuse being said whenever anyone enquires about the wedding prep progress.

However, with roughly 4 months to go, about 20 weeks..WHAT?? 20 WEEKS?!!???!
that’s it?? that’s all the time I have!??!
Hahha..yes..that’s pretty much how the panic attacks come. Every now and then it jumps out at me, especially when I receive countdown reminders from the Wedding Channel.

Anywayyyy… most of the wedding favours have been bought, although it still needs some flower sticking and chocolate filling work done. They’re really really nice and I’m trying to see if there would be extras so I can keep some for myself!

Furniture hunting has also started. For a couple of weeks now mom, dad and I have been out and about looking for bedroom sets and thank god we finally found one that we ALL agreed on yesterday. It’s just perfect! Mom likes the cabinets, dad loves the fact that the set doesn’t have too much “kerawang-kerawang” and I just love the fact that it’s got a Japanese feel to it 😉

Oh! and I never knew that mattresses costs a bomb! No kidding! Everything costs like thousands and thousands of ringgit! It’s crazy.

Apart from all that, I’ve also started on a more serious “pretty-me-up” routine. Went to Javapuri Spa yesterday for a 2 1/2 hour session. I must say it was well worth it. I enjoyed Javapuri a whole lot more than my session at Jentayu. The lady who attended to me was very professional and gave such a good massage! After which they smeared my body with some traditional lulur (scrub). I loooovve the whole body scrub experience, makes me feel squeaky clean!! Then there was this part where they smeared my body with some sort of liquid which smelled like santan. ll milky and white, for all I know it could actually be santan. It was very very cooling and felt so good on my freshly scrubbed skin. Then they wrapped me up in plastic! Felt a bit weird being in plastic I tell ya. Plus you can’t move around much. Spa sessions are definitely not for the claustrophobic. The only part which I find a bit boring is at the end when you’re left to soak in the fragrant water with lots and lots of bubbles and rose petals. There’s nothing much to do plus the bathtub was a bit too big for me so i was mostly trying to overcome the feeling of slipping down under, hahahahah….other than that I just pretended to be some sort of superhero with superhuman bubble powers bubbling my time away (there was just wayyy too much bubbles in the tub). I just really enjoyed my session there so best trust that I will be continuing my beauty regime at Javapuri and no where else.

That’s that for the week. This week is a whole new list of to-do items. I’ve got my whole planning checklist jotted down and it sure looks like a long one. I hope I manage to get things done on time. I really can’t stand running off schedule.

Good luck to me!

* breathe in * breathe out *

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